African Waters
African Waters


Community Camp Approach

The Makhangoa Community Fly Fishing Camp and Rosehip Cottage is the first of its kind fly fishing and ecotourism project in the area. The operations are managed and run by African Waters and the Makhangoa Tourism Council.

The aim of the partnership is to provide sustainable and beneficial tourism to the area, while conserving the natural resources which attract nature lovers, cultural, and eco tourists to this beautiful valley. Proceeds of all visitors’ bookings (through a daily community levy) are allocated to community benefaction projects, with the aim to uplift and enable the local community live happier and healthier lives.

Apart from the daily community levies generated from each visitors stay, the camp trains and employs local staff in all aspects of camp life and management from camp managers, river rangers, hiking, and cultural guides, to the friendly cleaning ladies and maintenance staff.

The Rosehip Cottage

Aimed exclusively at couples and families looking for an authentic, remote, rural, and comfortable Lesotho mountain experience, the Rosehip Cottage has been built to cater specifically to these needs.

Building on the success of the Makhangoa Community Fly Fishing Camp, and the growing request for a family and non-fishing option, we are pleased that this has finally come to fruition and cannot wait to share the wonders of the Makhangoa Experience with you and your loved ones.

The Rosehip Cottage is designed and built to mirror a traditional Basotho homestead and blend in with the mountain environment. The cottage comprises 2 en suite rooms, joined via an open plan kitchen, dining and living area with cozy fire place. The cottage is complete with verandah, deck, and braai (BBQ) area overlooking the Bokong River with views north, up the picturesque Bokong valley. The cottage is north facing with expansive views from all rooms.

The cottage is built using local stone and is a fine example of traditional masonry. All building work was completed by tradesmen from the Makhangoa Village, many of who started with us in 2012 and have developed their trade through the MCC employment and skills development programs.

Each bedroom consists of twin or king size bed configurations, and two additional single beds, in the form of bunk beds for kids or young adults. Each room has an en suite bathroom, which contains a shower, flush toilet and basins.

The kitchen is fully kitted with gas stove and oven, fridge and deep freeze and a comprehensive set of crockery, cutlery and cooking ware..

The cottage is fully furnished and decorated with top quality fittings and furniture to ensure you are just as happy indoors, as out.

Lighting throughout the camp is 220v via battery, inverter and solar system. There are plug points in the living area to charge cameras and phones.

Bedding and towels, and gas are supplied.

Hot water is provided by means of energy efficient gas geysers.